Pigmeo 0.0.2

From Pigmeo - .NET/Mono/CLI (C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, Nemerle...) for microcontrollers (PIC, dsPIC, AVR...)

This is a bug fix release.

  • Release date: Sunday 13th April 2008
  • Lines of code: 7868
  • New lines of code: 221
  • Active developers: 1
  • Development time: 7 days


Bugs fixed

  • Compilation didn't work properly
  • pigmeo-compiler.exe wasn't able to run on Windows
  • Fixed handling of unhandled exceptions

New features

  • Print information about a .exe file from Pigmeo Compiler before compiling it. You can do it from the console and from the WinForms GUI
  • Send a bug report when an unhandled exception is caught from the WinForms GUI
  • Now the entire project can be translated much more easily
  • Added example001 written in C# and VB.NET, including the .NET executable file and the generated assembly language file

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